Our Focus

We provide a unique expertize on Technology Impact and Risk Assessments (including adequacy of governance and resources) for innovation projects and programs in the GreenTech, FoodTech and BioTech, in view of minimizing risks of investments in the Bio-economy, which is identified by the EIB as a major pillar of growth for Europe and beyond.


30 years of experience in a multinational environment, managing complex organisations in Innovation and Operations in Europe, China and Asia and North-America.

Marc Dreyer, Dr.Sc.Tech.

Managing Director


Knowledge Repository 
(access restricted)

 The Knowledge Repository (access restricted) contains links to material on prospective research, geo-economics and assessment tools relevant to innovation projects and programs  in GreenTech, FoodTech and Biotech.

More on Responsible Innovation.

In this publication, we have captured the conclusions of a working group on responsible innovation