Climate Change Impacts

Climate Change made Simple

Climate Change is the major societal challenge we will face .Solutions to confine the temperature increase within 2 Degrees are available, but but the society still has to accept the consequences of their implementation. 

Simple Facts and Figures on climate change are available at The Climate Change Project Page, with all types of digestable Infogaphics on Indicators, Impacts, ....and much more!

And now, because there are still denials on Human-caused Climate Change, some additional precisions here on this topic by!

Still, we are far from mitigating climate change,m and the indicators on CO2 release, temperature increase or fuel consumption indicate that the 2 degrees target will not be achieved. According to some specialists (here) , the 2 degrees ceiling is a delusion, and it is time now to develop an adjustment policy that would reflect what is more likely to happen!

climate change Impact

The National Geographic Magazine presents the many reasons and facts that speak for a dramatic action to limit the climate change and keep the warming of the plantet within 2 degress. Visit their site to learn more.
And according to an IPPC recent report, even limiting temperature change to less than 20C by 2050 would still mean dramatic impacts on our ability to adjust to climate change, food security and quality of life would be 

More on statistics of Global Emissions of CO2 and GHG by Country, and by share of GDP at this page of The Economist with an interactive graphic display.
Unfortunately, it seems more and more unlikely that the capping of the temperature increase by 2oC by 2050 will be achieved, according to this review paper.
There are also clear evidences that the climate models are underestimating the rapidity of the warming, as depicted in this 2018 article of the American Scientist: record sea-ice volume decline, unmet temperature rise at the North Pole, melting of the permafrost, all indicators of climate change are on the rise!

International Panel on Climate Change

The official site of the IPPC (International Panel on Climate Change) is providing the documentation used for policy developments. It is also the reference for the COP 21 (Conference of the Parties).

Of interest as well is the page Compact of States Regions from the Climate, that is tracking the progress of regions and states towards their decarbonization effort.

As a consequence, there is a discussion whether the 20 C target is realistic, and whether we should rather focus on the necessary adaptation to a world above this target: more on this in this FA report, the Two-Degree Delusion.

An Action Plan: Growth and Climate Change

The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate has defined in its 2018's report "Unlocking the Inclusive Growth Story of the 21st Century-Accelerating Climate Action in Urgent Times" a pathway for acelerating change to a migration to a low carbon economy. These are:

- Cleaner Energy Systems

- Smarter urban Development

- Dustainable Land Use

-Wise Water Management

These topics are expanded here!

COP21 and the decarbonisation of the Energy

COP-21, the agreement amongst the major nationsto cap the temperature rise  to 2 degrees is iun place, and we have to move to zero CO2 emissions by the end of the century.
The salient points of this agreement, detailed in this article of the Guardian, stipulates that:
- temperature rise should be capped at 2 degrees
- countries have committed to INDC (intented nationally defined contributions) to reduce their emissions. At the present stage, the temperature capping rise would be 2.7 degress, and these INDC are not legally binding.

- in the long term, we should aim at balanced emissions, which means that the Green Gases content such as CO2 in the air should stbilize, or even decrease.

Still, one year after, we have also to recognize that:

- the 3 elements of the agreement, i.e. a limitation to 2 degrees, commitments of national contributions, and a loose time factor, all these elements are disconnected.

- the necessary action for such limitations is simply not compatible with historic trajectories and with past socio-political experiences.

Other non conventional measures and necessary adaptive policies will have to be rapidly explored. This article from the Center for Security Studies elaborates on this.

NASA on Climate change

the NASA site on Climate change is providing scientific  facts and evidences on climate change. An excellent source of information, available at this site

DDPP-Deep Decarbonisation Pathways Projects

The Deep Decarbonisation Pathways Projects is a network of initiatives adressing concrete ways to accelerate a transition to a carbon-free energy suppy.

Climate Change: what we can do

The climate change is accelerating, and while the necessary policies and adjustments are slow to come, we can all do something at our level: travelling less, and when necessary with better efficiency. An example of a better behavior in this better travelling guide proposed by "Million Mile Secret"