Research Tools

Our World in Data

A team at the University of Oxford is maintaining the site Our World in Data, an impressive source of Data in all types of topics such as Energy, Health, Agriculture, etc...., a must-have for Prospective Research.

The Bill an Melinda Gate Foundation is maintaining a Report - The Stories behind the Data - measuring the progress along several Key Indicators such as poverty, mortality, stunting, etc...

The WEF Knowledgde Base

The World Economic Forum is maintaining a Knowledge Base in the form of a Mind-Map on topics related to economic development. A precious tool for research!

10 Sources of Data

WIKIPEDIA or Google are not the only source of information available. A selection of databases prepared by the Guardian at this link will provide a quick access to data and facts most valuable for research projects for the New Economy. Some relevant ones:

ATLAS of Globe Complexity

GLOBE of Economic Complexity

World Energy Statistics  and BP-Energy Outlook

IMF-World Economic Outlook

World Bank on Doing Business

World Bank Development Indicators

UNDP Human Development Reports


OECD DataBase


World Wealth & Income Database

Our World in Data